PROWDS : “Developing Good Work Ethic in Your Career”

PROWDS : “Developing Good Work Ethic in Your Career”

In a work environment, knowing what behavior can and cannot be done is one of the important things. So that employees are expected to have a good work ethic.


Work ethic refers to a set of moral principles, values ??and attitudes around how to act in the workplace. This often includes what behavior is generally acceptable and appropriate (or not).


Qualities such as reliability, productivity, ownership and team support all denote professional integrity, or a strong commitment to ethical behavior in the workplace. Conversely, low-quality work, tardiness, or a lack of attention to detail indicate a poor work ethic. So, the work ethic needs to be applied by employees in carrying out work activities in the office


In this webinar we’ll discuss about “Developing Good Work Ethic in Your Career” with Aisyah Nur Afianti (Halal Beauty Market Development Manager at FMCG)


You Will Learn:
  1. What is work ethic?
  2. The importance of work ethics in career development?
  3. how to grow work ethic (steps and tips & tricks)?


The material kit includes:

  • E - Certificate



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  • PROWDS will be conducted in Bahasa 
  • PROWDS will be held on December 21 2022 at 19.00 WIB
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